A tribute to the spirit of Led Zeppelin Live
Kashmir Featuring Jean Violet

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The Spirit of Led Zeppelin LIVE!

Kashmir Featuring Jean Violet- The Spirit of a Live Led Zeppelin Performance

Jean Violet, founder, creator and lead vocalist of the renowned Led Zeppelin tribute KASHMIR is both proud and excited to announce the next chapter in his musical journey. After 20+ years as frontman of the premiere Led Zeppelin tribute in the US, and with new blood and a renewed commitment to excellence, Jean will bring the mojo and majesty of “Led Zep” coast to coast to a theater or arena near you!

Introducing KASHMIR featuring Jean Violet – The Spirit of Led Zeppelin Live. Experience the mythos and magic of Led Zeppelin – the hits *and* deep cuts that you’ve loved all of your life, with the visual dynamism you’d expect from a Zep show. See Jean as the personification of a young Robert Plant, with his long, golden mane and powerful, seductive vocal delivery. Witness Kevin Slover in his iconic black dragon suit, strutting the stage like a young, cocky Jimmy Page delivering his blistering, raucous riffs with both power and finesse. …and multi instrumentalist Lenny Lee – as someone who’s long been inspired by the playing and creativity of John Paul Jones – is a natural in the role of “Jonesy”, having performed these songs live for many years. Finally, David Blampied, “keeper of the groove”, is equally adept at the subtle, nuanced passages as well as the thunderous grooves Bonham is known for, creating a dynamic driving force for this powerful rhythm section.

As fate would have it, the members of KASHMIR featuring Jean Violet do bear a resemblance to their counterparts in Led Zep, so beyond the power and intensity of their sound, there’s a visual realism that truly completes the experience. Do yourself a favor and get out to see KASHMIR featuring Jean Violet, and behold them as they embody the Spirit of Led Zeppelin Live, and transport you to a time when Giants Walked the Earth!


INTRODUCING Kashmir Featuring Jean Violet-the spirit of a live Led Zeppelin performance


Tour Dates

26 May, 2024
Colonial Beach Summer Concert Series at High Tides

  Colonial Beach (VA)

21 June, 2024
Classic Fest 2024 Nelson Ledges

  Garrettsville (OH)

03 August, 2024
High Point Theatre Theatre

  Highpoint (USA)

09 August, 2024
Nara Park Summer Concert Series

  Acton (USA)

19 October, 2024
Eichelberger Performing Arts Center

  Hanover (United States)

The Band

Jean Violet-Lead Vocals

Kevin Slover-Guitars/Bow/Theremin

David Blampied Drums/Percussion

Lenny Lee-Bass/Mandolin/Keyboards

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In The Shadow of the Gods, Memoirs of a Led Zeppelin Tribute Singer

Once upon a time Jean Violet wanted to be this rock star. That guy on MTV and on the radio. Well, he did, sorta. He is not on MTV, nor on the radio, but Jean did figure out a way to make music, do what he loves, pay the bills and have a fulfilling life. He may not quite be the rock star he dreamed of, but he is in the shadow of rock star gods, in more ways than one. Jean gets to play one and play on the same stages with them, hang out with them, and sometimes be treated as one of them, and Jean has had his time signed to a record label and touring with them on two continents. Jean is happy with the ways things turned out.

This is his rock’n’roll journey of how he spent over 20 years playing Robert Plant on stage. Tribute bands are an unsung part of the music world whose backstage story rarely gets told. This is Jean’s experience growing from New York City clubs to Madison Square Garden to theaters across America, while growing as a person and a singer. Its the highs and lows of the music business, the tragedies and successes, the unexpected adventures and missed opportunities, the huge egos and humbling learning experiences. Somehow Jean made it from A to Zeppelin.

Written by Jean Violet and Aaron Joy

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